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Writer's Block: Words to Live by

"Life is not measured by how many breaths you take but by how many moments that take your breath away."
I am not sure you said this first but it is one of my all time favorites!

Writer's Block: Happy New Year!

In years past my New Year's resolutions have always been epic fails so I thought I would keep things simple this year. My first one is to change to diet sodas and the second one is to read more fanfic. If I can't stick to that one around here then there is no hope for me whatsoever!!!


So glad to be putting 2011 in my rearview mirror. There is very little I want to remember about it! Happy New Year everyone...may it be blessed!

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Dec. 25th, 2011

Merry Christmas! I am having a good day with my family. Hope everyone has a good day!

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I have had an iPhone since Feb of this year and until know I have been able to remain unaffected by the Angry Birds phenom. This weekend I decided to see what it was really about....now i am so addicted to all three versions. What is so excited about crashing birds into pigs and other stuff. I am not sure still but I do know it has provided hours of entertainment. This is how my Harry Potter and Twilight "problem" started. At least their is no fanfic to read for this verse!


Writer's Block: Study break

My favorite classes in high school were English and History. And English was my favorite only when we were reading literature and I loved history all the time. I grew up thinking that I was born into the wrong century. I could just escape to the 1800's and never leave.
I love plain cheese pizza but when i want to go all out. I get pepperoni, breakfast bacon, mushrooms and onions!!! Yummy!!!

Writer's Block: 9/11

Ten years ago today...I can't believe it. 2001 was an eventful year for me personally...in April of that year my first child was born. I was a new Mommy. I was just barely getting my sleep schedule back on track. I was working at a daycare and we had only been back to teaching for around two weeks because we took time off in the summer. I had a class full of 15 two-years olds to take care off and all I could think of was wanting to hold my son and never let go. I wanted to protect him from the "evil" that had been done to us. I was so shocked for the first hour or so I couldn't wrap my mind around what had happened. I couldn't stop praying for the people involved. I was never more proud to be an American. The images of that day will forever be burned into my brain. We should never forget and never take our great country for granted!

Work Related Rant!

I have to say this somewhere or I will explode at work today!!!!!! I live in a small town at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains. I work in a hotel at the front desk. Our hotel has been sold out for the last two weeks because of things going on it town and the fact it is Labor Day Weekend. Its a pretty big holiday being the "last' weekend of summer. It feels like everyone and their dog has decended upon my little town. Anyway, I have been getting calls lastnight and this afternoon asking if we still had rooms available. Now I understand being spur of the moment and not thinking ahead very far but really you expect to find a room now?! I just want to say "NO you idiot I don't have any rooms left...How about planning ahead next time!!!!!!! Then some people get upset like its my fault they are idiots!!! I just want to turn off the phone and lock the door but I think my boss would get a little pissed off if I did that.

Okay now I have that out of my system...I will continue to work in a more peacful manner!